• High speed 3D Scanning by structured-light projuction
  • Precise & hight-resolution industrial 3D measuring system
  • 3D Quality inspection based on CAD model
  • Portable, light-weighted architecture
  • Applicable to product design and mock-up and 3D inspection
  • Variable measuring range
  • Affordable price


  • nspection of automobile pars
  • In-line inspetion of printed circutit boards Extraction of CAD model and Reverse engineering
  • Diagnosis for plastic surgery and other medical purposes
  • Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage


  • Easy to retrieve 3D scan data
  • Quality inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Medical & Dental
  • Cultural Heritage


  • Easily measures length, perimeter or part of a selected area of object using 3D scanned data/images
  • Acquisition of three dimensional information such as volume and mass
  • Sectional measurement of surface through software without cutting or dismantling object


  • Analysis of angle, curvature, deviation to identify roughness, flatness, change in gradient of object surface
  • Acquire 3D information on shape change over time through regular & repetitive 3D inspections


  • Detailed full-scale precision inspection by overlapping designed model on 3D scan data
  • Various type of product inspections such as surface and thickness inspection, curved surface/curvature inspection, shape inspection & geometric tolerance


  • No user calibration is required once your product is set up
  • Immediate scanning is available right out of the box
  • Fully compatible with laptop computers
  • Light-weight, compact product for maximum mobility
  • Assuring excellent quality and after-service at affordable price
  • Excellent 3D laser Scanner guaranteed by state-of the art technology


  • Create parametric CAD models from 3D scan data
  • Create 3D design for CAD model from handmade Mockup
  • Create 3D design by scanning existing object when original design is not available