4DCulture’s X-Scan is a compilation of high-precision laser slit beam extraction technology, high-tech robot transfer system, and is a software and hardware technology intensive product. It is especially designed for accurate measurement, shape comparison inspection, acquisition of non-linear shape information for in-line production lines and other industrial areas where 3D scanning is required.


#1 Measurement

* Easily measure length, perimeter or part of a selected area of object using 3D scanned data/images
* Acquisition of three dimensional information such as volume and weight.
* Sectional measurement of surface through software without cutting or dismantling object


#2 Analysis
* Analysis of angle, curvature, deviation to identify roughness, flatness, change in gradient of object surface.
* Acquire 3D information on shape change over time through regular & reptitive 3D inspections


#3 Inspection
* Detailed full-scale precision inspection by overlapping designed model on 3D scan data
* Various product inspections such as surface and thickness inspection, curved surface/curvature inspection, shape inspection & geometric tolerance



* Redesign
– Create parametric CAD models from 3D scan data
– Create 3D design for CAD model from handmade mockup
– Create 3D design by scanning existing object when original design is not available


* Reverse Engineering
– Acquire information on shape change or deterioration of an object due to external stress or aging
– Simulation and structural analysis using 3D data of object under study

* Quality Inspection
– Increase productivity by 3D based full-scale inspection and analysis
– Reduce manufacturing costs through precise inspection while improving the quality of final product

* Heritage Preservation
– Acquire 3D data required for digital resotration of cultural, historic relics and creation of 3D digital contents
– Anthropological studies: Making replicas of artifacts through combination of rapid-prototyping or CNC carving



Measuring method Triangulation by light sectioning method
Light Source Semiconductor laser, Wavelength: 27.16″ (690mm)
Laser Class Class 3 (IEC 60825-1)
Measured points 1,228,800 points p/scan
Stand-off 23.6-31.4″ (600-800mm)
Min. measuring area (220 x 165mm)
Max. measuring area (288 x 216mm)
Measuring time Depends on measuring area
Point spacing (approx.) (0.17-0.23mm)
Interface GigE, USB 2.0
Power DC 24V
Dimensions (420 x 100 x 175 mm)
Weight 10lbs (5kgs)
Operating conditions AC220V, 60Hz, 120W, Temp. 5°C – 35 °C, Hum. 10%-90%
Storage conditions Temp. 0 °C – 35 °C, Hum. 5%-90%