Since its establishment in 2001, 4DCulture has developed reliable and intelligent cameras for laser-based 3D machine vision applications. In 2004, 4DCulture successfully developed the ultra-fast CMOS image sensor-based intelligent camera which is capable of caption and transmission of unlimited wireless 3D profiles in real time over TCP/IP.

This 3D camera has opened a new horizon for the industries requiring real time 3D machine vision including vehicle inspection, welding inspection, shape measurements, high-speed object tracking, etc. We guarantee customer satisfaction with the ultra-high speed 1280 x 1024 CMOS image sensor and DSP technology  exclusively designed for 3D image processing by 4DCulture (patent pending).

In 2005 4DCulture released the 3D Whole-Body Laser Scanner (3DWBLS). 3DWBLS is the fastest whole body laser scanner ever produced that scans a person in about 5 seconds at high accuracy. It’s the perfect choice for applications requiring fast scanning such as the military and fashion industry.

All 3D scanners from 4DCulture are easy-to-use, cost effective and compatible with most popular 3D image processing S/W such as Rapidform, Maya, Polyworks, Geomagic etc,. 4DCulture’s advanced technology is supported by numerous awards and funded R&D projects by the Korean government and overseas institutions over the past 10 years.

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